Group shotFor the past 4 months, Stonehouse based C&G Services has been taking part in the government’s Growth Accelerator scheme. In June, the company started working with a Growth Accelerator mentor, who has been working with them to put in place an updated business plan, vision statement and operations plan.

The anticipated growth will also enable C&G to develop its existing workforce. “People know we offer a wide range of training but are often unaware of the consultancy aspects of our business,” said Kevin Parsons Operations Director at C&G Services. “We’ve been specialising in consultancy with a range of business support solutions that complement out training services for many years. We’re expanding our consultancy service provision by developing our team of training-focused specialist, as well as by hiring additional consultants and trainers.

“As this project now puts more emphasis on our consultancy services we’re able to put a new meaning to C&G, which will now be ‘consult and get trained’

“The growth plan has already begun to be rolled out, with a new website launched offering open training courses and eLearning courses many available to buy on-line.

“We’re dedicated to ensuring that C&G Services will be the UK’s leading company focused on delivering excellence and innovation to all industry sectors in skills and training and business solutions measured by its continued growth and association with blue chip organisations.

“Our work with the Growth Accelerator has put us on a track for rapid growth. We’re all excited to work the plan and see where the company will be in three years.”