industrial training gloucestershire

In over 45 years as a Training provider, C&G Services have been privileged to work closely with many successful businesses in all industry sectors. These partnerships have been robust over many years and we have witnessed first-hand; innovations, ever evolving best practice and new technologies leading to growth and continued success for our clients.

We have utilised this incisive knowledge to tailor precise consultancy and development support for specific clients, and where possible shared this key insight to benefit our wider client base in similar industries or business situations. It is key to the services we offer that we fully understand an organisation’s environment, culture and operations whilst taking into account wider legal and industry requirements in terms of Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality considerations.

We are ISO9001 Quality certified to design and deliver industrial training and consultancy services. This gives us capability with our comprehensive multi-industry knowledge to tailor a range of solutions from incorporating company procedures and photos into a generic subject course to delivering a detailed course on a unique system or high-tech equipment.

We have many case studies of how our services have benefitted our clients in many industry sectors. The pinnacle being; delivering specialist lifting training and support to staff of a world renowned aircraft manufacturer. This involves lifting, handling and transportation of high value composite wing components with the latest systems and equipment through all logistical elements of the build and final delivery. We are the only training provider trusted with this long term project on finished components worth in excess of £10,000,000 and are rightly very proud of this.

Our Industrial Training Methodology:

  • We work closely with you to identify and establish industrial training requirements that support your business needs in your industry.
  • From a full understanding of your business objectives we help you to identify the skills and knowledge gaps and, therefore, training requirements that will bring the greatest benefits.
  • The solution strategy is developed and agreed.
  • We design and develop in detail the training solution strategy, including the method of delivery and requisite consultancy support.
  • We help you to effectively plan the delivery and then we deliver to the plan using our experienced consultants and trainers.
  • After every training event we gather and provide feedback from the delegates and present this information to you to enable continuous improvements to take place. Our training solutions are dynamic, and are constantly challenged using the cumulative evidence of the feedback material.

The Benefits:

  • Precise and expert solutions & support
  • Industry & Compliance focused
  • Upskilling, Team Building and leads Behavioural change
  • Efficiency & Competence
  • Engaging & Motivational
  • Measurable improvements
  • Cost effective
  • Ongoing support

Lastly, it has to be remembered that our services benefit individuals by improving their competencies. Additionally, industrial companies developing their staff gain from their improved knowledge and skills; leading to an increased overall competence of the company. Furthermore, providing staff with precisely the right knowledge and skills enables operational efficiency to be raised whilst also helping to ensure compliance with their industry requirements, safety legislation and regulations.

To find out more about how we deliver industrial training, contact us on 01453 826781 or at [email protected]