Technical Director Jon Powney recently graduated with distinction after completed his BA degree in Business and Enterprise. C&G value staff development at every level of the organisation but are especially proud of this longer duration qualification.

“I came from a military background, having served just over 23 years in the Royal Engineers,” explained Jon. “Whilst this gave me a good grounding within the construction industry and lots of practical experience, I was lacking in business knowledge. In early 2015 I was invited to join the board of directors and knew that I needed a greater understanding of the business and the environment in which it operates.”

The qualification took around a year to complete and covered four modules:

  • Innovation, creativity and enterprise (involving research, written reports, production of materials and presentations).
  • Business processes, (research, the application of business models and written reports).
  • Business growth issues (written reports and presentations to a panel).
  • A workplace-based learning project (comprising written introduction to the student and company, structure of a personal learning plan, reflective diaries and accumulation of evidence, rewrite of learning plan, summary portfolio in draft and hard copy format).

“The qualification has given me a good understanding of business processes, how internal and external factors affect the business. It has also helped me to know my limitations and be able to find workable solutions to problems faced.”

The course was structured so that a number of days were spent at training provider Gloucestershire Enterprise Ltd, with many weekends and evenings committed to study as well as during the working day when time permitted.


The BA in Business & Enterprise is an innovative and flexible way to study for a degree in just 12 months, alongside work. Usually a degree takes three years but this programme recognises previous practical business management experience, which enabled Jon to achieve the degree in a condensed time. The course was partially funded by the Growth Accelerator Programme and supported C&G’s company vision, which places great value on continued professional development to ensure that C&G’s staff have the skills and experience to drive the business effectively.