The decision to leave the European Union has triggered a number of events, creating great opportunities for Britain’s industry.

A new Government is putting industry at the heart of economic policy and has made its intentions to create a climate of industrial growth exceptionally clear. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy promises a comprehensive industrial strategy to increase manufacturing, engineering and export growth in Britain.

While Westminster has taken huge steps in the last few years to ensure industrial growth, the current climate makes it essential to have a clear plan that will endure the uncertainty of the EU exit.

One sector that must receive appropriate attention is Aerospace. Britain hosts the world’s second largest aerospace industry, and while this has benefitted from a strategy of encouraging investment and supporting growth, it must form a key part of Britain’s new Industrial Strategy.

“Investment in the aerospace industry has a huge knock-on effect” explains C&G Director Kevin Parsons. “The aerospace industry has grown 39% in the last 5 years and this growth has impacted the wider manufacturing, engineering, technology, and logistics sectors to name just a few. Investment in aerospace doesn’t just benefit aerospace, it benefits Britain.”

The aerospace industry directly employs more than 128,000 people and indirectly employs another 150,000, and some of these are trained by C&G through contracts with Airbus, GKN, Kuehne & Nagel  and others. “The Government’s investment in the industry has allowed our business to grow, and we see it in other clients we work with.”

When Government and Industry work together, we see growth and prosperity that radiates throughout Britain, improving export, strengthening our currency, and leading to greater innovation that benefits everyone.

Only with consistent application of policy can confidence be strong enough to commit to investing in facilities, in people through training and employment, and in costly research and development.

We need a strong champion for British industry and export and the Government must step up to the challenge if Britain’s industry is to prosper and flourish.