A core element of keeping your workforce safe is first aid training for the prevention of illness or injury in the workplace. Most importantly it is a legal requirement as a company to ensure your employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.

As an employer you must have in place adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to deal with emergency situations to provide first aid before further (professional) support arrives.

While your first aid provision should be specific to your business, your risks and hazards, first aid training is likely to form a key part of your strategy.

First aid training is essential to ensure your staff can respond appropriately to emergencies and ultimately save lives. Many incidents that require first aid are time critical, meaning if there is an incident, having people who can administer CPR, defibrillation, or deal with bleeding or crushing injuries correctly can greatly reduce the damage done and shorten recovery time.

First aid training is also essential to psychologically prepare candidates for dealing with emergencies. There can be a lot going on during an incident, and keeping calm and remembering the correct response is essential. Regular training ensures your staff have the confidence and clarity required to deal with any incident correctly.

C&G have published a free white paper on preparing your staff for first aid emergencies, which can be downloaded here.

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