Following a consultancy visit aboard the Stena Britannica last year to review working practices, C&G Services instructors will soon be on their way to the Hook of Holland to provide support and instruction to Stena Lines training teams.

The consultancy visit provided a unique insight into crew activities during the loading and unloading of freight and passengers, enabling C&G Services to produce a bespoke package to support the workers with the responsibility to ensure that all activities take place as safely as possible. Whilst speed is certainly a key requirement when loading and unloading the ships, emphasis is placed on safety. The bespoke support package is designed to reinforce Stena Lines safety policies, ensuring that all staff are aware of their and their colleagues’ responsibilities, and can ‘Stop the Job’ if they feel their safety or that of freight drivers and passengers is compromised at any time.

The course will concentrate firstly on Stena Lines safety policies and approved codes of practice, followed by a theory session where delegates will carry out exercises in hazard spotting using unique 360 images captured on the freight and passenger decks during the initial consultancy, finally practical sessions and assessments will be conducted, putting all lessons learned in to practice.

As always, C&G Services aim is to provide the best possible solution for our clients, ensuring their compliance and reducing risk in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner.

We would like to thank the Captain of the Britannica and his crew for their help and support during the consultation.