Dear stakeholder

C&G have remained operational (albeit at a drastically reduced level) during the Coronavirus crisis so far by delivering training to key workers, whilst managing the risk of COVID-19 in line with government guidance, at our venues and customer sites.

We are open for business now!

We would advise customers that with the appropriate COVID-19 controls in place to keep you and your staff safe whilst under our care, we can take your enquiries now.

If your staff are currently furloughed, they are still allowed to attend training and we have many courses available to benefit them and aid their re-engagement in the business. This is likely to be the case for many businesses until the end of July according to the Chancellor with government effectively contributing to the cost of training for furloughed staff.

We would advise you to get in touch with us as soon as possible as we anticipate bookings for June, July, and August to fill up quickly, and we would hate to disappoint anyone.

We thank-you all for your patience and understanding through these most trying of times and hope you remain safe and well as we all return to somewhere near normality. We are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

01453 826781 or [email protected]

Everyone safe and well

The safety of our staff and stakeholders is top priority and we have invested time and money in controls that will keep the risk of encountering COVID-19 within our operational scope to an absolute minimum. We have produced a detailed Risk Assessment, including guidance information, which can be downloaded here which is available to all stakeholders.

We have introduced:

  • An entry system that checks people’s health and temperature before admittance
  • Social distancing at all venues, reinforced by clear signage and guidance by C&G staff
  • One way and queueing systems where necessary at our venues
  • Reduced candidate numbers on some courses to ensure social distancing
  • Reduced the number of people allowed in a room or area at any time
  • An enhanced cleaning and hygiene regime
  • Increased availability of hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes
  • Appropriate PPE and shielding for our staff
  • Restricted use of communal areas
  • Staggered start and break times

All staff have received training on the changes and the new procedures we have adopted. We will continually review our risk assessments, focussing on a flexible approach to all types of training sessions to ensure the social distancing and hygiene protocols required to adhere to Government guidelines and keep people safe.

We would welcome any questions or comments that you may have, please contact: Kevin Parsons – Operations Director on 01453 826781 or [email protected]