Street Works Training for Operatives & Supervisors

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Address:201 The Waterfront, Stonehouse Business Park, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3UT

Duration:5 days

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" Thanks to the trainer Dave, informative and pitched at the right level "

Carl, Severn Trent Water
  • Duration:5 days
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This course of training and assessment is designed for candidates who need to work in line with the national standards for the reinstatement and openings within the highway. C & G has been approved by City and Guilds to offer specialist training in street works for operatives and supervisors. All trainees who successfully complete the assessment will gain relevant qualifications and accreditation.


To provide operatives with the skill and knowledge to carry out work to the standards required by the New Roads and Street works Act 1991, in accordance with safe working practices. On completion of this training operatives should have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that work carried out meets the prescribed national standards required by the Highways Authority Utilities Committee. Successful Candidates will be awarded City & Guilds certification for the relevant modules.


The Street Works (Qualifications of Supervisors and Operatives) Regulations 1992 detail the qualifications prescribed for various types and combinations of work. Each qualification is made up of a series of units. C & G Services provides training and assessments in all these units. A person may act as a supervisor or trained operative only on the type of work for which they have the relevant qualification. A number of people with different qualifications may have to be involved during the progress of the work through its various stages. There is no limit to the number of qualifications that one person may hold.


Structure of qualifications

Each qualification consists of a number of Units of Competence. Each unit is separately assessed. Trainees build up success in individual units until they meet the requirements for the qualification(s) they need.

Course content

  • Duties and responsibilities of operatives and supervisors under the Street works Act
  • Selection and suitability of personal protective equipment

Operative Units

Unit 001 (Operative & Supervisor)
  • Interpretation of plans (NJUG)
  • Understanding HSG 47
  • Identification of apparatus
  • Implications of damage to apparatus
  • Pre-use checks for cable avoiding tools
  • Operational modes and strike alert (CAT & GENNY V3+)
  • Use of pipe and cable location equipment
  • Search procedures and service marking
Unit 002
  • Site hazard and risk assessment
  • Complying with method statements
  • Equipment requirements (CoP)
  • Site layout and safety zones
  • Setting out signs, cones, lamps and barriers in accordance with Department of Transport requirements
  • Erection and dismantling of 2 way temporary traffic signals
Unit 003
  • Road designs and material identification
  • Understanding construction layers
  • Excavation techniques
  • Equipment selection and suitability
  • Understanding ground support and utilities apparatus protection
  • Selection and storage of excavated materials for re-use
Unit 004 – 005
  • Placing and compacting of backfill and sub-base materials
  • Identifying flowable and non-flowable materials
  • Quantification of materials
  • Identifying and purpose of structural layers
Unit 006
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health for bituminous materials
  • Laying and compacting of cold-lay bituminous materials
  • Specifying tools and equipment
  • Purpose of tack coats and edge sealants and over banding
  • Quantification of materials
  • Road categories and material types
Unit 009
  • Removal and reinstating of modular surfaces and concrete footways
  • Lay and compact bedding material
  • Equipment selection and suitability
  • Complying with as laid profile
  • Storage and protection of materials
  • Compaction equipment and specification requirements

Supervisor Units

Unit 010
  • Monitor a work site survey
  • Monitor site safety
  • Monitor action taken to protect pedestrians, vehicular traffic and site personnel
  • Monitor provision of portable traffic signals
Unit 011
  • Monitor excavation work in the highway
  • Monitor action taken to avoid damage to underground apparatus during excavation
  • Monitor selection, disposal and storage for re-use of excavated material
  • Monitoring site safety
Unit 012
  • Monitor selection and storage of backfill materials in carriageway and footway reinstatement
  • Monitor selection of plant for compaction of backfill material
  • Monitor construction of backfill layer
  • Monitor action taken to avoid damage to underground apparatus during backfill operations
  • Monitor site safety
Unit 013
  • Monitor selection of non-bituminous materials for use in the carriageway and footway reinstatement
  • Monitor selection of plant used for compaction of sub-base and base (road base) materials
  • Monitor construction of sub-base and base (road base) materials
  • Monitor site safety
Unit 014
  • Monitor selection of bituminous materials for use in flexible carriageway and footway reinstatement
  • Monitor selection of plant for use in the compaction of bituminous materials
  • Monitor construction of flexible base (road base) and surface layers
  • Monitor site safety
Unit 016
  • Monitor reinstatement of concrete blocks (carriageway / footway)
  • Monitor reinstatement of concrete slabs in footways
  • Monitor reinstatement of concrete footways
  • Monitor site safety