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Specialist Training Through Enviromontel

Through our partners, Enviromontel, we are able to offer Confined Spaces, Breathing Apparatus, Trauma Training, Confined Spaces Rescue, Safety Crews training and more. Most of this training is carried out at Enviromontel’s specially constructed facility at Worcester, although some of the training can be carried out on-site or at C&G.

City & Guilds Confined Spaces

  • Low Risk – 1 day
  • Medium Risk – 2 days
  • High Risk – 3 days
  • Emergency Rescue and Recovery

The above Confined Space Courses are renewable every 3 years.

General Certification Extended Practical Training can be added on to the normal Medium Risk Confined Space Course, where 3 extra days are spent carrying out practical training exercises within the Confined Space Pod. Extended Practical Training can also be offered for High Risk/Rescue & Recovery, with a further 3 days added the following week, again carrying out practical training exercises within the Confined Space Pod.

Please note this is valuable, extra, practical training in a controlled environment with the instructor on hand to advise. This builds confidence for the individual and gives them the ability to recognise what to do when faced with real life hazards when they go out into the field on their own to carry out such tasks.

Managing Confined Spaces

We currently offer Standard Certification on a 3-day Course to cover the knowledge and practical skills needed to ensure that documents produced to accompany programmes of work in confined spaces comply with current legislative requirements.

Breathing Apparatus Training

  • Mars resuscitators
  • Drager PA90 Breathing Apparatus
  • Drager CF10 EBA Escape Breathing Apparatus
  • Drager PP10 EBA Escape Breathing Apparatus
  • Sperian EBA Escape Breathing Apparatus (NIOSH)
  • Savox EBA Escape Breathing Apparatus

 Introduction to Trauma

This is an awareness course and is mainly a classroom activity, aimed at ‘awareness for new personnel’ to your hazardous environment or ‘awareness only’ to current personnel.

Advanced Trauma is the more hands-on classroom and practical course, working through the different scenarios and utilising real life like traumas to practice on and is is for more acute personnel, such as Team Leaders, Project Managers etc.

Advanced Trauma Training

This excellent course is utilised by businesses, such as mines and quarries, around the country, where immediate medical attention is not always possible.

This is more intense than a First Aid Course and is designed to cover critical casualties.

Having personnel on site who are able to recognise traumas as a 1st response is vital to casualties suffering major traumas. Trained personnel can identify and apply initial trauma training which could, potentially, save the life of the casualty until such times as the emergency services are able to attend.

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