NPORS Telescopic Handler Refresher

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Date(s) - 16/10/2017
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Lodgemore Training Centre

Who is this for?

Experienced Telescopic Material Handler operatives who are medically fit, and need to operate a Telescopic Material Handler during the normal course of their work.

NPORS Telescopic Handler Refresher

To update candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to operate a Telescopic Material Handler safely and efficiently in the normal course of their work.

On completion of training candidates should be able to operate machinery and attachments safely and correctly and in accordance with the manufacturers hand books and accepted good practice. I.e. HSE, Guidelines and Codes of Practice/Systems of Work.

Introduction, aims and objectives

 General Telescopic Material Handlers (TMH) safety & the application of MIndSafety

 Rated capacity charts, safe working loads and supporting conditions

 Understand the features effecting the stability and capacity of the TMH

 Company specific safety standards

 Carry out pre-use inspection and perform daily maintenance checks as recommended by the TMH manufacturer

 Safely locate and operate all the controls of the TMH

 Understand and correctly respond to warning devices fitted to the TMH

 Identify safe terrain conditions & operate within the design limits of the TMH

 Understand the safe loading of the TMH and assess the weight of loads

 Operate and manoeuvre TMH safely within its working envi-ronment

 Stack and de-stack at varying heights

 Fitting and securing attachments

 Methods of fork adjust and security

 Parking and isolation

 NPORS practical test


Course Content

Course Code PLT JP 0316

Equipment Specification and Training Requirements

For further information on the course or course availability, please call

  1. 01453 826781 e. w.
  2. A serviceable telescopic handler that meets current legislation, having at least a 1 tonne lift capacity or above, fitted with:-
  3. i) standard forks
  4. ii) R.O.P.S, F.O.P.S and a seatbelt

iii)An operating height of at least 5 metres

  1. IV) The operators manual
  2. Loads of known weights to consist of:-

Load A

  1. i) 1 x load not less than 50% of forklifts maximum rate capacity

Load B

  1. ii) 3 x similar size palletized loads suitable for stacking (pipe pack)

Load C

iii) 1 x load of a weight less than the tel-escopic handlers lift capacity at full horizontal reach.

  1. If possible flat bed vehicle equipped with a headboard (this may be simulated but must have the same dimensions including the ground / bed height).
  2. Re-handling shovel in good condition, with correct retaining pins and clips
  3. An area which must have:
  4. i) Level ground
  5. ii) A straight run of at least 20 metres
  6. ii) Stock pile of material to load into shovel
  7. Cones / materials etc. to create restrictions for travelling and manoeuvring.
  8. Suitable Classroom
  9. PPE

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