NRSWA Reassessment Course


NRSWA Reassessment Course

3Who’s it for?

Streetworks practitioners or supervisors whose NRSWA Qualifications are coming up for renewal.

The Course

C&G Services developed our own in-house course which brings the delegates upto speed with the changes both within the scope of their work and the legislative changes. The pass rates have been phenomenal at around 100%.

Operative: Units 1-7 & 9

Supervisors: Units 1, 10-16

Examination is conducted online through SQA at our training centre in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire via ‘touchscreen’ multiple choice examination.

Each unit exam consists of 10 multiple choice questions which must be completed within 30 minutes for each unit

Each unit exam requires a pass rate of at least 80% (8 out of 10 questions correct) and all units MUST achieve this pass rate before the card can be renewed

Candidates are provided with all the following reference material by the centre during the course of the examination:

  • Specification for the Reinstatement openings in Roads/Highways, Approved Code of Practise
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works, Approved Code of Practise (Department of Transport)
  • An introduction to Vehicle Actuated Portable Traffic Signals (Department of Transport)
  • Avoiding danger from Underground Services HSG47 (Health & Safety Executive)
  • Volume 1 NJUG Guidelines On The Positioning & Colour Coding Of Underground Utilities’ Apparatus
  • Roadworks Theory & Practise
  • Specification for Highways Works, Series 100

It is STRONGLY advised that you make yourself aware of all these relevant reference manuals, further information can be obtained from the following links:

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