180° Excavator Training

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180° Excavator Training

Who is this for?

Our course is for anyone who uses or will be using a 180° excavator in either land-based industries or the construction industry and requires a recognised qualification in any of the 4 awarding bodies we work with

The 180º excavator course:

This can be delivered as an assessment, refresher or novice course level and in machines above or below 5 tonnes.

180° Excavator Training

The course will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge required in order to operate the machine in a safe and confident manner.

Course Content:

  • Identify the basic construction and components, and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges.
  • Identify and comply with manufacturers’ instructions in accordance with the operator’s handbook, other information sources and applicable legislation (PUWER. LOLER).
  • Carry out all pre-use and running checks.
  • Set the excavator for site and road travel.
  • Travel over varying types of terrain, including rough undulating ground and substantial inclines.
  • Manoeuvre in confined areas using forward and reverse direction.
  • Set the machine to excavate.
  • Excavate below ground level on a variety of excavations in different ground types.
  • Place spoil into various sizes of vehicles/hoppers.
  • Grade, spread and level differing types of materials (excavators over 5 tonnes – using a multi-purpose front bucket).Remove and re-attach buckets.
  • Place the excavator in an out-of-service condition.
  • Explain the loading and unloading procedures on and off a transporter.
  • Working in the construction industry.
  • Components of 180° excavators.
  • Models of operation.
  • Stability of the machine.
  • Accident prevention.
  • Pre-shift checks.
  • Familiarisation with instruments and controls.
  • Starting and stopping the machine.
  • Operating factors.
  • Driving on the highway and transportation.
  • Operating to produce trench 2m deep by 5m long with battered sides.
  • Operating to form a simply ditch.
  • Operating to produce a straight trench 1m deep by 10m long using sand, lime or marker spray line.
  • Site safety.
  • Possible problems.
  • Operating to produce trench 1m deep by 10m long by one bucket width.
  • Operating the machine: driving; use of front shovel; use of multi-purpose bucket (if applicable); use of the backactor; changing attachments/buckets.
  • Operating to produce trench 1m deep by 10m long with restrictions.
  • Operating to fill a vehicle using the backactor to produce a square hole and fill vehicle.
  • Operating to produce a trench with a square manhole.
  • Advanced operation to form a ditch.
  • Advanced operation to clean a ditch.

Duration: 1 – 7 days dependant on experience

C&G Services (Europe) Ltd – BS EN ISO 9001

Training can also be delivered under the following accreditations:
Grouped Plant


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