Abrasive Wheels Fixed & Portable

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Abrasive Wheels Fixed & Portable

abrasive-wheel Who is this for?

This training course is designed for personnel who need setup, use, change abrasive and cutting wheels/discs on fixed and portable grinding machines

Abrasive Wheels Fixed & Portable course:

To provide training to ensure the correct selection, mounting, maintenance and use of abrasive and cutting wheels/discs on fixed or portable grinding machines. On completion of training course, candidates should have a robust understanding of the types of abrasive wheels and discs in their workplace. The techniques required to inspect maintain and replace abrasive wheels/discs.

Course content:

Introduction, Aim and Objectives

  • Duties and responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Applying MindSafety to operations
  • Use of the REACTEC HAVmeter (or equivalent, as issued)
  • Hazards and risks associated with grinding operations
  • The working environment and local exhaust ventilation
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Types and design of abrasive wheels
  • Factors Influencing the Selection of Grinding Wheels
  • Methods of Inspection, including Visual & Ring Checks
  • In-service maintenance of abrasive wheels
  • Wheel Selection/Mounting/Dressing/Truing/Balancing
  • Storing and handling of abrasive wheels
  • Calculation of wheel speeds
  • Wheel/Disc mounting sequence, safe procedure
  • Tool rest/guard adjustment
  • Safety devices, including guards e-stops and isolation requirements
  • Refuelling two stroke machines (If applicable)
  • Safety with electrical trailing leads
  • Procedures for starting the disc cutter/grinder (if applicable)
  • Basic grinding and cutting techniques


½ – 1 Day (depending on type of machines or training on just one or both machines)

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