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Tractor & Trailer Training

Who is this for?

This course is for operators who need to develop the skills and knowledge to safely operate agricultural tractors & trailers.

Tractor & Trailer Training course:

This training course is available as an assessment, refresher or novice level and under a number of awarding bodies. To train candidates in the skills and knowledge needed to safely and effectively operate agricultural tractors and trailers. On completion of this training course, candidates will have gained the necessary operating techniques, and knowledge for the safe and effective use of agricultural tractors and trailers.

Course Contents:


  • Duties and responsibilities of the operator
  • Consideration for highway driving
  • Tractor design function and component parts
  • General tractor safety, stability and operational good practice
  • Safety devices, equipment and controls
  • Perform and record pre-use maintenance checks as recommended by tractor manufacturer
  • Safely locate and operate all controls of the machine.
  • Correctly respond to warning devices fitted to the tractor
  • Understand the safe loading of the tractor and assess the weight of loads and attachments
  • Identify safe terrain and site conditions to operate within the design limits of the tractor
  • Operate machine safely around site, i.e. Overheads lines, speed limits and slope negotiation
  • Selection and adjustment of pickup hitch
  • Rating and loading of trailers
  • Correctly hitch and unhitch trailer
  • Understand the function on auxiliary hydraulic and electrical connections
  • Basic towing and reversing techniques
  • Safe tipping procedures
  • Parking and securing of trailer
  • Parking of tractor


1 – 4 Days depending on previous experience

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