Basic Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Techniques

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Basic Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Techniques

Who is this for?

This practical training course has been designed to train personnel in the fundamental techniques required to set up and weld basic joints using metal inert gas (MIG) sets.

Basic Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Techniques – Course:

This training course aims to develop the delegate’s ability to correctly set and effectively operate MIG sets for basic welding tasks. On completion of this training course candidates should be confident in the basic set up and use of MIG sets.

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Hazards and risks associated to MIG welding operations and the application of MindSafety
  • Local exhaust ventilation and the working environment
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Importance of good house keeping
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Electric arc welding safety
  • Principles of the metal inert gas process
  • Types of metal transfer
  • Machine setting principles
  • Types of shielding gas
  • Bottle handling and securing considerations
  • Routine machine maintenance
  • Preparing to weld
  • Fillet and lap welds in the flat position
  • Outside corner and square butt welds in the flat position
  • Visual inspection of welds and common fault diagnosis


1-5 days dependent on experience and requirements

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