CCNSG Operative Training – Passport Scheme

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CCNSG Operative Training – Passport Scheme

Who is this for?

C&G Services passport training scheme is for contractor personnel, designed to ensure operatives meet, or exceed, the minimum safety standard to receive the Client Contractor National Safety Group (CCNSG) Passport Card.

The CCNSG Operative Training Course:

The aim of the CCNSG Safety Passport Scheme is to ensure a basic knowledge of health and safety for all site personnel to enable them, after appropriate site induction, to work on site more safely with lower risk to themselves and others.

Introduction, aims and objectives

The CCNSG National Course covers the following objectives:

Session 1

  • Understanding personal site safety responsibilities

Session 2

  • H & S legislation, regulations and safe working practices

Session 3

  • Common hazards at work

Session 4

  • Other hazards, safety signs and the provision of PPE. Best practice in care of the environment.


Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the difference between a CSCS Card and the Safety Passport?

Answer: The Safety Passport is a two day training course with a test at the end. The CSCS H&S test is a touch screen test based on prior knowledge.
2. I have a CSCS card, why do I need a Safety Passport?

Answer: The CSCS Card is for the Construction Industry and the CCNSG Safety Passport is for the Engineering Construction Industry. The Clients on each site specify what the requirements are to work on their sites.
3. What must I do if I haven’t renewed my card within the 3 months grace period?

Answer: The CCNSG Safety Passport expires after three years from the date of the National or Renewal course. You may come back for a one day Renewal course up to three months after the Safety Passport card has expired. Once the three months have lapsed, you will be required to sit the two day National course again.


Some recent feedback:

  • All very good, very good at getting group to engage in the training, clear speaking and good knowledge. 10/10 KM – Curo
  • Craig is very knowledgeable within his field and very good at projecting his voice in a manageable manner for all levels of intellect. 10/10 DW – TD Williamson UK Ltd
  • Very well presented & very clear with all the main Health & Safety points. Would recommend this course and lecturer. 10/10 CS – Curo

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