Daily Vehicle Checks & Basic Load Security

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Daily Vehicle Checks & Basic Load Security


Who is this for?

For all drivers who are required to maintain the safety and effective operation of their vehicle during the working day.

Daily Vehicle Checks & Basic Load Security Course:

To ensure drivers maintain the safety and effective operation of their vehicle during the working day. On completion of this training course Drivers will have a greater understanding of their responsibilities under the road traffic act and the provision and use of work equipment.

  • Introduction to Driver CPC Periodic training scheme
  • Duties and responsibilities of drivers
  • Recording daily vehicle checks and defect reporting procedures
  • Hazards associated to vehicle oils, fuels and coolants
  • Personal protective equipment requirements and personal hygiene
  • Checking vehicle lubrication & fluid levels in line with manufacturers recommendations
  • Procedures for fluid replenishment in line with manufactures recommendations
  • Walk round inspection and component part identification and legal requirements
  • Common fault identification and remedial action
  • Regulations and accepted codes of practice concerning the safety of loads on vehicles.
  • Principals of load safety
  • General requirements for securing loads
  • Suitability and selection of anchorage points
  • Securing straps and ropes – Inspection and use
  • Packing and protection of securing equipment
  • Storage of load securing equipment


1 Day

Food for thought:

Why is load security so important?

During 2013, DVSA issued over 2,000 prohibitions to vehicles which presented a road safety risk because of how their load was secured.

In the same period, the Highways Agency reported over 22,000 road impact incidents caused by objects falling from vehicles. This is dangerous to all road users.

This resulted in the closure of either a single lane or the full carriageway. On average, it takes 20 minutes to deal with each incident.

This places a significant financial burden on the UK economy from:

  • time wasted in traffic
  • damage to goods
  • damage to infrastructure.

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