Drivers Hours, Working Time Directive & Tachographs

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Drivers Hours, Working Time Directive & Tachographs

Tachographs Who is this for?

From the 10th September 2009 a legislative directive came into force with the aim to improve the skills and knowledge of LGV drivers. All Professional LGV drivers have to complete 35 hours of training if they wish to drive professionally on the road – Applicable to licence categories: C1, C1+E, C, C+E.

Drivers Hours, Working Time Directive & Tachographs course:

To ensure drivers maintain safety and compliance within the normal course of their work. On completion of this training course Drivers will have a greater understanding of their responsibilities and legal duties in relation to driver’s hours, rest periods and use of tachographs.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Driver CPC Periodic training scheme
  • Duties and responsibilities of drivers
  • Penalties for failure to comply with tachograph legislation
  • Understanding the analogue tachograph
  • Digital tachograph use including:
  • The Driver Card: explanation of the information that is on the card and how you obtain one if you lose a card or have it stolen
  • Types of Digital Card and their intended usage
  • Log in and Log out procedure
  • Manual entries to account for duty time away from the vehicle
  • Explanation of display message and menu structure
  • Accessing printouts for both the driver and the vehicle
  • Accessing reports and understanding the information within the report
  • Dealing with mixed tachograph fleets
  • Identification and operational differences of different digital recording devices
  • Drivers Hours regulations and working time regulations
  • Daily and weekly rest periods
  • Weekly rest period compensations
  • Chart compilation
  • Record retention requirements


1 Day Course (7Hours)

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