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Dump Truck Training

Who is this for?

This training course is designed to develop operators’ skills and knowledge to safely operate dump trucks, at any level from novice through to refresher.

The Dump Truck training course:

The course can be delivered as an assessment, refresher or novice course and under a choice of awards


To enable operators to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to operate a ride on dump trucks safely and efficiently.


  • Operating the machine to a minimum standard
  • Fitting and operating ancillary equipment
  • Siting the machine safely and efficiently
  • Carrying out minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures
  • Preparing the machine for travelling on the public highway
  • The capabilities of each machine, its purpose and limitations
  • All safety precautions necessary for the correct operation of the machine
  • How diesel engines work and how various parts of the machine operate
  • How to interpret the information provided by level pegs, profiles, and so on
  • What routine adjustments and servicing procedures are necessary, and how to carry them out.


1 – 4 Days depending on previous experience

C&G Services (Europe) Ltd – BS EN ISO 9001

Training can also be delivered under the following accreditations:
Grouped Plant

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