Entry & Working in Confined Spaces

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Entry & Working in Confined Spaces

confined-spacesWho is this for?

This training course is designed for any person whose job involves work and entry into confined spaces.

Entry & Working in Confined Spaces Course:

This course will provide the candidate with the knowledge of the dangers and legal requirements pertinent to work taking place in confined spaces. Successful candidates will demonstrate a good understanding of the hazards associated with work in confined spaces and the practices needed to ensure safe operation whilst this work takes place.

Course Contents:

  • Understanding confined spaces criteria
  • Legal requirements and responsibilities relating to confined space entry
  • Suitability and selection of confined space personnel
  • Supervision of confined space operations
  • Request for work to be done in a Confined Space
  • Identify and evaluate hazards and risks associated to confined space operations
  • Removing the need to enter confined spaces
  • Methods of isolation (process equipment)
  • Develop and Implement Pre-entry procedures (Gas Detectors).
  • Evaluate, permit, space atmospheric conditions.
  • Preparation of emergency arrangements
  • Provide, use and maintain necessary equipment (hoists, harnesses, Tripods, emergency escape equipment and communication systems.)
  • Provision of special tools and lighting equipment
  • Working in a confined space
  • Course Review and Closure


1 to 2 days dependant on experience

Recent feedback for the Entry and Working in Confined Spaces course:

  • Very informative and enjoyable – 10/10 KD (HSE Advisor) DR Groundworks Ltd
  • Good course and well explained – RY – K Yateman & Sons Ltd

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