Forklift Truck Safety Training for Supervisors/Managers

Materials Handling and Forklift

Forklift Truck Safety Training for Supervisors/Managers

Who is this for?

This training course is designed for Supervisors/Team Leaders/Managers who supervise or manage the use of work equipment (lift trucks and their operators).

The Forklift Truck Safety Training for Supervisors/Managers Course:

This training course aims to give Managers and Supervisors a greater understanding of their duties and responsibilities prescribed under legislation and approved codes of practice. On completion of this training course, Managers and Supervisors should have an accepted knowledge of the legal and safety duties in relation to lift truck operation and safety.

Course Content:


  • Duties and responsibilities of Managers and Supervisors
  • Selection and training of Fork lift truck operators
  • Hazards and risks associated to lift truck operations
  • Training & Authorisation
  • Protection and safety devices for operators
  • Rating and information sources
  • Load centres and load weight estimation
  • Statutory inspections, testing and record keeping
  • Recording of Operator Pre-use safety inspection and daily maintenance checks
  • General forklift truck attachments, fitting, rating and marking
  • Understand the features affecting the stability of Fork lift trucks
  • Safety when loading vehicles in the workplace
  • Identify safe terrain and operating conditions in-line HSG 136
  • Workplace layout and environmental considerations
  • Racking and pallet stacking procedures and safety considerations
  • Charging and re-fuelling procedures
  • Parking and isolation procedures
  • Practical hazard spotting exercise


1 Day

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