Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck – with Attachments

Materials Handling and Forklift

Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck – with Attachments


Who is this for?

This training course is designed for experienced lift truck operators who in the course of their work use job specific fork lift truck attachments.

Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck – with Attachments Course:

To train lift truck operators in the pre-use inspection, fitment and use of fork mounted lift truck attachments.

On completion of this training course, operators should have an accepted knowledge of the legal and safety duties in relation to the use of lift truck attachments. In accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and accepted good practice.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction, aim and objectives
  • Duties and responsibilities of operators, supervisors and managers
  • Different types of attachment and fitment
  • Information sources
  • Rating plates, safe working loads and working load limits
  • Factors effecting lift truck stability and safety during attachment operation
  • Lift planning for fork truck operations with attachments
  • Attachment compatibility
  • Testing, examination and certification before use
  • Pre-use inspection of lift truck attachments
  • Fault reporting
  • Fitment and securing of attachments
  • Attachment usage in line with manufactures instructions / systems of work
  • Travelling with loaded attachment/lift truck
  • Working with Banksman assistance
  • Hydraulic quick coupling safety and the potential dangers from latent energy
  • Removal and storage of attachments


½ – 2 Days dependent on type and quantity of attachment



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