Industrial Reach Truck – 4 Way – Conversion

Materials Handling and Forklift

Industrial Reach Truck – 4 Way – Conversion

Who is this for?

This practical training course is designed for existing fork lift truck operators who need to transfer their experience and skills towards the effective use of 4 Way Directional Reach trucks.

Industrial Reach Truck – 4 Way – Conversion Course:

To enable candidates to operate the 4 way reach truck safely and effectively in the workplace. On completion of this conversion training, operators will have an demonstrated a robust understanding of the operational features and techniques associated to 4 way directional reach truck operations.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction, aim and objectives
  • Understand duties and responsibilities of Lift truck operators
  • Lift truck safety in the workplace
  • Identify, describe, and explain the principle components
  • Understand the terminology used and the features affecting the stability and capacity of the 4 way reach truck
  • Safely locate and operate all the controls of the 4 way reach
  • Understand and correctly respond to warning devices fitted to the 4 way reach truck
  • Carry out pre-use safety inspection and perform daily maintenance checks as recommended by the machine manufacturer
  • Identify safe terrain conditions & operate within the design limits of the machine
  • Understand the safe loading of the machine and as-sess the weight of loads handled (if applicable)
  • Operate and manoeuvre 4 way reach in confined areas
  • Stack and de-stack loads at varying heights
  • Stack pallets and stillages
  • Charging/refuelling procedures
  • Parking and isolation


2 Days


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