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Instructional Techniques

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Who is this for?

This course is designed for those who have little or no training delivery experience but intend to run short courses or training sessions on a regular basis.

Instructional Techniques Course:

To provide effective instruction in the techniques and knowledge required by the modern-day trainer. It will take into account the following:

  • Relevant instruction skills
  • Techniques for structuring training material into a logical sequence
  • An objective and critical approach towards the effectiveness of the instruction presente
  • Appropriate methods of assessment

On completion of training, course members should be able to demonstrate their ability to plan, prepare and present practical instruction to an adequate standard. In addition, they should be able to construct, conduct and mark objectively a test or tests and issue appropriate documentation.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction, aims and objectives
  • Duties and responsibilities of the instructor
  • Principles of instruction
  • Instructor conduct as influencing factors
  • Simple task analysis
  • Preparing a job breakdown sheet
  • Effective training delivery
  • Understanding individual learner needs
  • Planning, preparing and presenting a practical demonstration
  • Planning, preparing and presenting a practical lesson
  • Use of question and answer techniques
  • Role play including use of training aids
  • Developing training courses suitable to new candidates
  • Guidance in specific job and familiarisation training
  • Defining and developing testing and assessment as a suitable outcome
  • Certification and training records


4 Days training (plus specific equipment training and subject delivery assessments)

Candidates will be required to design and develop training sessions for delivery and observation under assessment conditions. Additional days for assessment purposes can be arranged at the point of booking. A maximum of two candidate assessments can be undertaken per day.


(*) Please note:

Candidates will need formal, in date certification in the subjects that they are intending to train and assess on. Training can be arranged where required.



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