IPAF MEWP For Managers

Construction and Plant

IPAF MEWP For Managers

MEWPWho is this for?

The course is targeted at project manager’s, foremen and supervisors working in a broad range of industries such as construction, facilities management, retail, airports and arboriculture.

IPAF MEWP For Managers Course:

To instruct a supervisor/managers in the requirements to select, use and manage various types of MEWP under their control.

At the end of this course, successful candidates will be aware of current legislation, different types and classifications of MEWPs, the importance of correct machine selection, planning and maintenance considerations. They will be able to select the correct PPE for the operator and identify misuse and abuse of MEWPs. They will have a greater knowledge and awareness of the safe use and operation of MEWPs

Course content:

  • Introduction, aim and objectives
  • MERP legislation and guidance
  • Rental terms and conditions
  • Hire terms and conditions, maintenance and repair
  • Machine types and use
  • Choosing the right MEWP
  • Structural parts and MEWP selection
  • Stability, secondary guarding, machine selection
  • Operator training and familiarisation
  • Operator daily inspection
  • Load and unload
  • Assessing risk
  • MEWP personal fall protection
  • Safe operating methods and hazard awareness
  • Safety beyond training
  • Accidents
  • Written test

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