Job Specific Lifting Operations

Lifting and Crane

Job Specific Lifting Operations

Who is this for?

This practical training course is designed for personnel that have a need to perform job specific lifting operations within their operational area of work.

Job Specific Lifting Operations – Course:

To ensure candidates are given the correct knowledge and practical training to safely lift and move specific loads using prescribed lifting accessories and equipment. On completion of this training course, delegates should have the necessary knowledge and techniques to correctly sling, lift and move job specific items, using equipment within their work station. (see notes *, **)

Course Content:

  • Introduction, aim and objectives.
  • General overhead crane and lifting safety.
  • Duties and responsibilities associated with lifting operations.
  • The application of MindSafety and dynamic risk assessing.
  • Applying the concept of human performance.
  • Routine lift planning (LOLER 8 Steps)
  • Understand and use company specific lifting procedures, method statements and safe systems of work.
  • Overhead crane(*), pre-use inspection and operational check.
  • Marking and rating of overhead crane (*)
  • Control function, and isolation requirements.
  • Rating and marking of specified lifting accessories.
  • Before use checks of lifting accessories
  • Defect and damage reporting, quarantine procedures.
  • Attachment, protection and use of lifting accessories.
  • Safe and efficient operation of overhead crane (*)
  • Lifting, moving and landing of components as required for job specific lifting operations (**)
  • Storage of lifting accessories (**)


1 – 2 Days (dependant on tasks)


(*) Note 1. ‘Overhead crane’ may include fixed or mobile gantries, goliath, A frame, electric multidirectional OHC, pedestal, portal. etc.

(**) Note 2. Components to be lifted must be a requirement of candidates daily working procedures; to be lifted using specific accessories, in specific configurations and supported by lift plans, method statements and risk assessments where appropriate.

(**) Note 3. Certain lifting accessories (such as vacuum appliances, etc) will require operator information and specific instructions, safe systems of work and method statements, and may require additional training.

Instructor will identify and record equipment used. Certification will be as appropriate, and supported by job description and training records.


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