Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Lift Truck Conversion

Materials Handling and Forklift

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Lift Truck Conversion

Who is this for?

This practical course is designed for experienced lift truck operators required to operate VNA lift trucks. This course fully complies with the approved code of practice for the training of lift truck operators.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Lift Truck Conversion Course:

To provide candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to operate Very Narrow Aisle Cab Up Lift Truck. To provide specific job training, if required, in both related job safety knowledge and practical skill applications for this type of machine. On completion of training, operators should have an accepted knowledge of the legal and safety duties in relation to VNA lift trucks. Use lifting equipment safely and in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and accepted good practice.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction, aim and objectives
  • Legislation pertaining to lift truck operation
  • In company Codes Of Practice
  • Identify, describe, and explain the principle components.
  • Understand the terminology used and the features affecting the stability and capability of the machine
  • Carry out pre-use safety inspection and perform daily maintenance checks as recommended by the machine manufacturer
  • Identify safe terrain conditions and operate within the de-sign limits of the machine
  • Understand the safe loading of the machine and be able to assess the weight loads handled (if applicable)
  • Understand operator safety code
  • Operate and manoeuvre in confined areas
  • Stack pallets
  • Operate to racking; Stack and de-stack
  • Parking, isolating and recharging


1 Day

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