Operative Unit 001 (Cat & Genny, Location of Underground Services)

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Operative Unit 001 (Cat & Genny, Location of Underground Services)

Who is this for?

This training course is designed for personnel who in the normal course of their work need to locate, correctly identify and avoid underground services, using service plans and cable avoiding tools.

The Operative Unit 001 (Cat & Genny, Location of Underground Services) Course

This course aims to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge to correctly locate and identify underground services, candidates will be assessed in line with City and Guilds criteria for Unit 001. On completion of this training course candidates should have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that work carried out meets industry standards. The City & Guilds unit 001 will be awarded to successful Candidates.

Course Contents

Introduction, aim and objectives

  • The application of MindSafety
  • Legislation, regulations and guidance associated to excavation works
  • The consequences for getting it wrong
  • Understanding the principles and limits of electromagnetic locators
  • Sources of information (Operators manual)
  • Factors effecting underground service location
  • Identify a range of underground services and apparatus
  • Understanding the features and functions of Cable avoiding tools
  • Pre-use inspection, operational test and calibration requirements
  • Ancillary equipment used to enhance search and location (Sondes and Clamps)
  • Site observation and above ground indicators
  • Identification and Interpretation of different underground service plans, including colour coding and NJUG symbols
  • Practical use of Cat & Genny to accurately locate a range of services
  • Practical – Search procedures and location marking techniques (above & below ground)
  • Damage identification and reporting procedures
  • City & Guilds unit 001 assessment

Duration: 1 Day

Specification of Assessment

Street works Supervisors and Operatives must conduct searches covering all types of common underground apparatus including metallic and plastic water and gas mains, sewers and drains, and electricity, telecommunication and television cables.

Candidates must complete the following tasks, using the plans provided, for actual or simulated excavations in a footway or carriageway, and all common types of underground apparatus as listed in the range to be covered:

  • Select appropriate location equipment, check it and prepare for use
  • Conduct search procedures for underground apparatus on the surface
  • Mark the position of underground apparatus on the surface
  • Interpret the information obtained from the search procedures
  • Compare the information obtained from the search procedures with the information obtained form the service plans

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