Safe Use of Ladders

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Safe Use of Ladders

ladder-safetyWho is this for?

This training course is designed for personnel who in the course of their work have to setup and use leaning ladders.

Safe Use of Ladders – Course:

This training course is designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to safely setup and use leaning ladders. On completion of training, candidates should have a good understanding of the types, grades, markings and use of leaning ladders.

Course Content:

  • Introduction, aim and objectives
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Legislation, regulations, guidance and standards relevant to ladder inspection and use
  • Company specific ladder register and periods of inspection
  • Working at Height hierarchy of controls
  • Types of ladder and identification
  • Storage, care and maintenance of ladders
  • Duties of manufacturers & suppliers
  • Recording and maintaining ladder inspections
  • Hazards and risks associated to positioning and setting of leaning ladders
  • Parameters influencing the use of ladders
  • Safe use of ladders in the workplace
  • Safe System of work for ladders
  • Methods of securing ladders (Stability Aids)
  • Inspection of ladders (damage and defects)
  • Action in the event of damage and defects
  • Methods of preventing unauthorized use
  • Check Lists for supervisors and users
  • Ensuring safe and suitable storage


1 Day

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