Safe Use of Pesticides (PA1)

Safe Use of Pesticides (PA1)

pesticide-2 Who is this for?

Anybody who will go on to use hand held pesticide applicators for use in agriculture, horticulture (including amenity horticulture) and forestry. Such products are sometimes used outside these industries, e.g. public utilities, green keepers, local government contractors etc.

Safe Use of Pesticides (PA1) Course:

To enable Candidates to achieve this foundation module as a condition of entry to other modules in this area.

Course content:


  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Identify key aspects of legislation which apply to the use of pesticides
  • Identify the precautions necessary to use a product safely using product information
  • Identify, select and understand the maintenance and storage of the correct PPE
  • Understand the correct procedures for storing pesticides
  • Identify the correct procedures for the disposal of empty pesticide containers, surplus pesticide and washings
  • Understand the records that must be kept
  • Understand the situations where pesticide application may pose a risk to people or the environment


1 Day

Some useful information:

Who must be trained in using pesticides?
By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using
pesticides safely and be skilled in the job they are carrying out. This applies to:

  • users, operators and technicians (including contractors);
  • managers;
  • employers;
  • self-employed people; and
  • people who give instruction to others on how to use pesticides.

By law there are certain situations where you will need to have a qualification called a ‘certificate
of competence’. In general, you will need a certificate of competence if you supply, store or use
‘agricultural pesticides’. These are pesticides used:

  • in agriculture;
  • in horticulture (including horticulture of amenity areas such as parks, streets, sports pitches
    and so on)
  • in forestry;
  • in or near water; and
  • as industrial herbicides

If you would like to read more about the Safe Use of Pesticides, then click on the following link where you can download a leaflet from the HSE website