Scaffold Safety Inspection Training

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Scaffold Safety Inspection Training

scaffold-safety Who is this for?

This training course is designed for construction site supervisors or managers who have the necessary background and experience required to conduct inspections of basic scaffold systems.

The Scaffold Safety Inspection Training Course:

To train candidates in scaffold inspection and reporting procedures. Candidates will learn about scaffold defects and necessary corrective actions to ensure safety when working with scaffold systems. On completion of this training candidates should be confident to identify, inspect, and record basic scaffold system inspections.

Course content:


  • Legislation, regulations and guidance
  • Duties and responsibilities for scaffold designers, erectors, Site managers and operatives
  • Checking competence of scaffold erectors
  • Specific requirements for a non-scaffolder performing basic scaffold system inspections
  • The criteria for scaffold inspection reporting and record keeping
  • Preventing use by unauthorised persons of incomplete scaffolds, relevant warning signs and notices
  • Factors affecting scaffold safety and stability (i.e. Ground, weather, loading and sheeting)
  • Understand the types, position and use of fittings and tubes
  • Understand the purpose and design of associated component parts (i.e. toe boards, planks and gates)
  • Inspecting ladders, boards, fittings and tubes for effective use
  • Correct and efficient methods of lashing and fixing ladders
  • Safe and efficient use of hoist (Where applicable)
  • Practical inspection of scaffolds including inspection and fault identification of independent basic scaffolds, mobile towers, builders’ hoists and system scaffolds of various types.
  • Action in the event of damage or dangerous scaffold system


1 Day

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