Theory of Defensive Driving & Accident Reporting

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Theory of Defensive Driving & Accident Reporting

Who is this for?

This Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) training course is for drivers requiring training in safer driving, and more effective, compliant, accident reporting.

Theory of Defensive Driving & Accident Reporting Content

The Theory of Defensive Driving & Accident Reporting Content course focuses on the key risks drivers must be aware of, with the objective of minimising risks whilst using company vehicles. Drivers must also be fully aware of the procedures for reporting and recording accidents encountered during their work.

  • Introduction
  • What is defensive driving?
  • Importance of vehicle checks
  • Affects of acceleration & speed
  • Driver’s signals and warnings
  • Safety awareness (high jacking)
  • Zones of vision, other road users & mobile phones
  • Vehicle positioning and road layouts
  • Driving for economy
  • Vehicle safety & stability (changing load distribution)
  • Observation & anticipation – thinking ahead!
  • Importance of route planning
  • Your state of mind, tolerance & courtesy
  • Yours & other peoples reaction time
  • Encountering breakdowns & roadworks
  • Driving in difficult conditions: night, winter & bad weather
  • When must accidents be reported?
  • Conduct & protocol when dealing with accidents
  • Reasonable grounds for information & type information required
  • Importance of notes and sketches from the scene
  • Noting factors which may contribute towards the accident
  • Information which needs to be recorded
  • Legal documentation
  • Advantages of photographic equipment
  • Near miss reporting (on site)
  • Understanding liability

Duration: 1 Day (7 Hours DCPC)

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