Safety Loads on Vehicles

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Safety Loads on Vehicles

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This Safety Loads on Vehicles training course is specifically designed for company vehicle drivers and supervisors, who in the course of their work are required to safely load and secure cargo to company vehicles

Safety Loads on Vehicles course:

To train candidates in the methods of basic load securing techniques and defensive driving techniques for small commercial vehicles. Candidates will fully understand the implications of incorrect loading and how to minimise potential load movement using defensive driving techniques.

The Safety Loads on Vehicles Course Content

• Introduction
• Duties and responsibilities of the driver
• Understanding the driving licence
• Revisiting the highway code
• Requirement to risk assess loading and unloading operations
• Understanding MAM, GTW, GVW and Axle weights
• Dynamic affects of the load during transport
• Regulations and accepted codes of practice concerning the safety of loads on vehicles.
• General requirements for securing loads
• Compartment Arrangement of cargo within vehicle load
• Blocking and dunnage techniques
• Suitability and selection of anchorage points with the load compartment
• Methods of ensuring load security
• Use of headboards and front bulkheads
• Securing straps and ropes – Inspection, use and protection methods
• Defensive driving techniques with a loaded commercial vehicle
• Storage of securing equipment


1 Day


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