Triple Bar Nuclear Manufacturing

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Triple Bar Nuclear Manufacturing

Who is this for?Nuclear Manufacturing

Anyone working in the manufacturing supply chain, particularly those involved in product design, manufacture, inspection and testing, sales, procurement and project management

What does the programme include?

This programme provides a basic introduction to nuclear industry expectations in terms of industry awareness, quality and workforce behaviours.

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The Triple Bar for Nuclear Manufacturing (TBNM) has been developed by nuclear manufacturers for nuclear manufacturers. It gives individuals working in the manufacturing sector a sound understanding of what differentiates nuclear from other industries. It is ideal for new entrants to the sector, as well as long standing employees who have had little or no prior nuclear awareness training. The training is aimed at a foundation level of knowledge, and all participants are required to undergo the TBNM end test to ensure that they understand the industry’s requirements in terms of compliance and the consequences of not performing in the right way.
The key knowledge requirements are presented in three linked


Learning Outcomes:

Basic Nuclear Awareness (BNA)

The purpose of this module is to ensure that individuals working in the nuclear manufacturing supply chain have a basic understanding of the context of the nuclear industry.
a) Know about radiation and contamination for safe working in the nuclear industry.
b) Know what are the component parts of a nuclear powerstation.
c) Know about the history of nuclear, the lesson learnt for future safe operation and how nuclear energy is produced and used.
d) Know about the importance of nuclear safety culture and the need for compliance within the nuclear manufacturing industry.

Basic Nuclear Quality (BNQ)
The purpose of this module is to ensure individuals have a basic understanding of quality, and the intrinsic link between quality and safety, to ensure that manufactured items meet the requirements expected by their nuclear industry customers.
a) Know about the quality requirements for nuclear manufacturing.
b) Know about the importance of design specifications and documentation within nuclear manufacturing.
c) Know what the consequences of poor quality/failed components could be to plant, public and environment.

Basic Nuclear Behaviours (BNB)
The purpose of this module is to ensure that individuals working in nuclear manufacturing have a basic understanding of the standards of behaviour required to support the safe working practices expected for working in the nuclear industry.
a) Understand the importance of safe behaviours and safety culture.
b) Understand Human Performance tools and techniques for the prevention of error.
c) Understand what workplace observation is and why it is carried out.
d) Understand the importance of event and near-miss reporting and the application of learning from experience.

Course Duration:

2 Days

If you would like to talk with someone about the course then please call or email:

Stacey Balmer
TBNM Coordinator
T:01142 229943
E: [email protected]