UKATA Asbestos – General Safety Awareness

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UKATA Asbestos – General Safety Awareness

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Who is this for?

This course has been designed for Managers, Supervisors / Operatives who work in areas which may contain asbestos.

UKATA Asbestos – General Safety Awareness Course:

To provide candidates with the required skills & knowledge to identify and work with asbestos.

On successful completion of this course, delegates should be able to:

Understand the properties, risks and effects, related illnesses and types.

Understand where and why asbestos was used and be able to avoid the risks posed by asbestos, and have an understanding of the law relating to asbestos and its disposal.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the properties of asbestos
  • The risks & effects to health caused by exposure to asbestos
  • Epidemiology and statistics – asbestos related illness
  • Outline the types of asbestos
  • Explain where asbestos and ACMs are typically found in buildings
  • Describe the reasons for using asbestos
  • Avoiding the risks from asbestos
  • Understanding the law:
  • Regulations 5 & 6 overview
  • Regulation 4 overview
  • Summary discussion, assessment and closure


0.5 Day

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