Water Safety Training

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Water Safety Training

water-safety Who is this for?

This training course is designed for personnel who work over or in the vicinity of inland water sources.

Water Safety Course:

To give candidates the necessary knowledge to work safely over or in the vicinity of inland water sources. On completion of this training course candidates will have an understanding of safe working methods and the use of specific safety equipment enabling them to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency.

Course contents:


  • Duties & responsibilities
  • Hazard and risk identification
  • Specific hazards associated with falling into water
  • Awareness of disease associated to water sources
  • Gaining assistance and planning for emergencies
  • Establishing effective communication
  • Understanding the effects of adverse weather

Prevention of falls:

  • Scaffolds and Platforms
  • Safety Net
  • Safety Harnesses

Rescue Equipment and Procedures, and PPE:

  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Life Jackets
  • Rescue Lines
  • Equipment inspection, maintenance and record keeping
  • Storage of equipment


1 Day

Some useful information:

On inland and inshore waters employers and the self-employed need to meet their obligations under the HSW Act. They also have to carry out a risk assessment in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to identify any foreseeable hazard, assess the level of risk and identify measures necessary to prevent or adequately control the risk. Where there is a foreseeable risk of drowning, not controlled by other means, suitable personal buoyancy equipment needs to be provided for and worn by employees. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 detail responsibilities about selecting, using and maintaining personal buoyancy equipment. Employers and the self-employed have similar requirements for their own safety and will be expected to provide and wear suitable buoyancy equipment. Hirers of boats will need to consider provision of suitable buoyancy equipment for use by members of
the public.

If you would like to read further information about Water Safety, then please click on the following link to download a leaflet from the HSE website

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