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C&G Services are an accredited Test Centre to conduct Theory and Practical Tests for the following Awarding Bodies:

  • C&G Services BS EN ISO 9001 for The Design & Provision of Training & Consultancy Services to National and International Services
  • CPCS
  • IPAF

CPCS, Red Cards, Blue Cards & NVQ’s

We can provide all the requirements for you to achieve NVQ level certification to allow successful achievement of the blue CPCS card, here are some of the processes to achieve this:

CPCS Theory Tests

The CPCS theory test is a face to face verbal test without notes of approximately 70 questions, under CPCS requirements all theory tests are recorded.

CPCS Practical Tests

Most plant testing must be completed at a CPCS Test Centre and the test duration varies from 1 hour to 2¾ hours, you will be allowed 10 minute warm up before you start, the machines we have available for your tests are common place in the industry and should allow experienced operators the very best opportunity to pass their tests.

CPCS tests may be monitored by a CPCS monitor; this is a quality procedure to ensure the CPCS tests are carried out fairly and not to assess the candidate.

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ)

In order for you to go from a trained operator CPCS (RED CARD) through to a competent operator CPCS (BLUE CARD) you will need to provide evidence of your practical abilities and experience in the industry you are in. All of this we can seamlessly provide for you.


For further information on achieving an NVQ please call and speak to Julie Peacey on 01453 826781

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