Street Works & Civils

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Did you know that a company may NOT carry out street works & civils unless its workforce is properly accredited?

Failure to comply with this Code is evidence of failing to fulfil the legal requirements to sign, light and guard works. Compliance with the Code will be taken as compliance with the legal requirements to which it relates. – from the Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice

C & G has been approved by City and Guilds to offer specialist training in streetworks for supervisors and operatives. All trainees who successfully complete the assessment will gain relevant qualifications and accreditation. Compliance with the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) is essential for minimising your liability and keeping your staff safe.

C & G Services has been providing a comprehensive industrial training service to the construction industry for many years. Our approach to industrial training is designed to make learning enjoyable and satisfying, so trainees perform better and achieve better results. We use a highly participative approach, with practical demonstrations illustrated by PowerPoint and videos. There are group and individual exercises.


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