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Drivers require more than just a valid driver’s license to operate in the transport industry…

It is encouraging to see that the majority of bus, coach and lorry drivers who need Driver CPC are participating in periodic training, but we urge all professional drivers and their employers to be aware of the deadlines and make sure they will be able to comply

– DSA’s Chief Executive Rosemary Thew

You must do Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) periodic training if you’re a lorry, bus or coach driver.

You face being fined and even losing your livelihood if you don’t finish your training in time, the Driving Standards Agency has warned.

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner has also reminded operators to be aware of their drivers’ training hours and deadlines to avoid penalties.

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01May 2015

Who is this for?

Drivers who passed their driving test after 1 January 1997 and have an ordinary category B (car) licence, can drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes or 3,500kg MAM towing a trailer of up to 750kg MAM or tow a trailer over 750kg MAM as long as the combined weight of the trailer and towing vehicle is no more than 3,500kg. In order to tow anything heavier you need to take a category B+E driving test. B+E Vehicles may be coupled with a Horsebox/Trailer up to 750kgs with a combined laden weight of 4.25 tonnes including weight of horse/load.

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06May 2015

Who is this for?

All drivers within the scope of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (Driver Training) Regulations 1996 must be trained and hold a Vocational Training Certificate issued by DVLA. This is required by UK regulations implementing the relevant EU directive.

There is no required pre-qualification, anyone with a full UK driving licence may attend. In order to obtain your Vocational Training Certificate (VTC) you must attain the following minimum qualification:


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07May 2015

Who is this for?

This training course has been designed for candidates whose duties necessitate driving a Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle on public roads and in light situations off road. Candidates must be in possession of a full car licence. (If licence obtained after January 1997 require B+E)

Four-Wheel Drive & Off-Road Training Course:

The course aims to develop an individual’s skills to effectively operate four wheel drive vehicle competently off highway driving and general vehicle control techniques. Successful candidates should have a sound knowledge of the techniques required to assess, plan and drive safely in off road situations.

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08May 2015

Untitled-1_0004_Layer-14 Who is this for?

This Safety Loads on Vehicles training course is specifically designed for company vehicle drivers and supervisors, who in the course of their work are required to safely load and secure cargo to company vehicles

Safety Loads on Vehicles course:

To train candidates in the methods of basic load securing techniques and defensive driving techniques for small commercial vehicles. Candidates will fully understand the implications of incorrect loading and how to minimise potential load movement using defensive driving techniques.

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08May 2015

Untitled-1_0013_Layer-4Who is this for?

Applicants for a standard, national or international operator’s licence must show that they are ‘professionally competent’ or that they employ a transport manager who meets the requirements. Persons will be considered ‘professionally competent’ on behalf of the Department for Transport.

The Certificate of Professional Competence course:

Once you have passed the exam you will be in a position to apply for a standard national or international operator licence. This course contains 35 hours of JAUPT-approved Driver CPC Training.

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08May 2015

lorry2 Who is this for?

From the 10th September 2009 a legislative directive came into force with the aim to improve the skills and knowledge of LGV & PCV drivers. All Professional LGV & PCV drivers must complete 35 hours of training before Sept 2013 (PCV) and Sept 2014 (LGV) respectively.
Applicable to licence categories: C1, C1+E, C, C+E, D1, D1+E, D, D+E

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14May 2015

Untitled-1_0014_Layer-3 Who is this for?

Anyone who in the course of their work are required to operate vacuum tankers in the normal course of their work

Vacuum Tankers Course:

To inform operators of legal requirements and administer practical assessments and tests for operators with and with out previous experience of vacuum tankers.

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10Aug 2016

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Who is this for?

This course is designed for drivers who need to obtain a vocational driving licence for a Passenger Carrying Vehicle Category D1. Candidates must be of a minimum age of 21 years, and must hold:

Provisional entitlement which entitles you to drive the correct category of vehicle.

Pass Certificate for Theory & Hazard Perception Test & Case Study

Passenger Carrying Vehicle Category D1 – Course:

To train candidates in the knowledge and skills required of a PCV driver to the standard of the Department of Transport driving test.

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