Case Study

C&G Stops Local Company From Being Sued

Training is the best way to ensure your staff are safe, but even with the best training in the world, accidents can happen. In the event of an accident it’s essential that you’re able to prove that your employees were trained and knew how to act safely.

C&G Services (Europe) Ltd were recently contacted by solicitors who were representing a company who had an employee involved in an accident whilst operating a Telescopic Materials Handler machine.

Similar lawsuits have cost companies millions in compensation where those companies were unable to prove their employees had received adequate training.

The accident had occurred more than two years previously. The individual concerned had been originally trained and refreshed to operate the machine by C&G Services. The solicitors defending the company concerned needed to establish the competence of the operator and the robustness of the training that they had been responsible for arranging.

Although of no comfort or compensation, all of the information supplied was verified and quickly led to ruling out the candidate’s competency and the standard of the training received as potential root causes for the unfortunate accident. This proved that the employer had done everything so far as is reasonably practical in respect to the safety of his employee.

C&G Services keep all of this information for you as standard service for a minimum of 5 years. All records are scanned and attached to the training event on the C&G Services database and candidate certificates can be available for customer access 24/7 via the C&G Services Web Portal with training records available by e-mail on request

C&G Services were quickly able to supply the following information (from our database and electronically scanned records) to the solicitors to aid the investigation:

  • Course contents, Lesson Plans, with Risk Assessments and Method Statements.
  • Reference materials to Regulations, HSE and Industry Body codes of practice.
  • Trainer’s qualifications and competency records.
  • All course documentation including test and assessment criteria with results for the candidate concerned (signed by trainer and candidate).
  • Course feedback from the trainer and candidate.
  • Copies of the candidate’s certificates.
  • ISO9001 accreditation certificate.