The course was very enjoyable and delivered in a relaxed style. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the group discussions. Thank-you.


Very good, I enjoyed the 2 days.


I can’t wait to start my role and employ what I have learnt practically. Great course and instructor.


The course and the instructor were brilliant. I enjoyed the discussions.


Case Study

Stroud District Council – tailored training for their new Site Officers

C&G Services recently completed a bespoke 2 day training course for Stroud District Council’s new team of Site Officers during their induction stage.

We worked closely with the Council to design a training course that would give them awareness, competency and safe working practices across the wide range of duties within their new Site Officer role.

During the 2 day course we encouraged team interaction by having practical discussions along with the theory and course notes.

The course included

Introduction, aims and objectives

Manual Handling training including
  • Task organisation and assessment
  • The individual capabilities and understanding personal limitations
  • Team lifting
  • Using handling aids as required
  • Practical handling exercises
  • Moving and handling furniture
Working at Heights, including
  • Assessing the risks associated with working at height
  • Selection and inspection of appropriate work equipment
  • Step ladders
  • Safety requirements when working at height
  • Light bulbs and fittings; replacement and disposal considerations
COSHH Awareness including
  • Sources of information, packaging requirements
  • Storage requirements.
  • Handling and use of controlled substances
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
Garden Machinery, including
  • An awareness of safe fuelling requirements of petrol powered machinery, including:
  • Storage requirements of fuels, oils and lubricants
  • PPE requirements
  • Operational requirements
  • Petrol mowers
  • Leaf blowers
  • Safety consideration when using powered garden machinery

The course was well received by all of the candidates, with the long term benefit being that C&G can expand on any or all elements of it with more in depth face to face training, competency checks and regular assessments, and blended learning solutions utilising e-learning packages.

Our collaboration with Stroud District Council was a definite success and represented our unequalled ability to design and deliver training that fits exactly and represents real value for money.

All the candidates received our ISO9001 quality assured certification and we wish them all success in the future with their chosen careers.