Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions will apply between C&G Services and the client for the supply and delivery of training in Operator Skills, Management, and Health & Safety, and/or consultancy services. C&G Services will supply certification for all candidates who pass assessment or who qualify for a certificate of attendance. For consultancy services, a report of findings and recommendations may be produced. In the case of accredited courses candidates will sit an examination which needs to be passed for an external certificate to be issued.


C&G Services: For the purpose of this document C&G Services (Europe) Ltd is the training and consultancy company that supplies and delivers training courses and training materials, and consultancy services.

Client: The company, company representative, organisation or organisation representative with authority to make an agreement with C&G Services to supply and deliver a training course and training materials, or consultancy services.

Supply and Delivery: The agreement between C&G Services and the client to make available a training course and training materials, or consultancy at an agreed cost, location and time.

Cancellation / Postponement: This means the prevention by the client of the agreed training event or consultancy on the agreed date taking place or candidate(s) not attending the agreed event which causes loss of income to C&G Services

Training: The service supplied by C&G Services to the client that gives candidates the knowledge, skills and qualifications to undertake their duties competently, safely, and legally.

Training Materials: Handouts, workbooks and any other materials that are retained by the candidate to support the training and act as supporting evidence for future or ongoing qualifications.

Trainers: Trainers supplied by C&G Services to deliver training to candidates. Trainers will be appropriately qualified and up to date in the courses they deliver.

Short Course Training: Describes the length of courses which are normally:

  • Up to 3.5 hours referred to as half day course
  • 4-7 hours referred to as one day course, Can be up to ten days (or more depending on customer requirements) in duration depending on the subject and qualification being taken

Certification: The cost of certificates produced and supplied by C&G Services are included in the course cost. The scanning and electronic storage of training records so as to be made available on line will be charged separately unless otherwise agreed. Replacement certificates may be subject to additional cost. The cost of certification and examinations, where accreditation is required, is subject to additional costs as C&G Services has to purchase the examinations and certificates from the accreditation scheme.

Refer to the C&G Services web site or contact C&G Services to make an enquiry for further details about course content and course duration. Courses may also be tailored to the client’s requirements. Two half day courses may be delivered on one day at the same location, at a reduced cost.


Clients may make enquiries for training either verbally, in writing or electronically. All enquiries will be answered as soon as practically possible and normally within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry. Enquires can be made on the C&G Services Website using the ‘Contact Us’ page. Alternatively clients may contact C&G Services directly where we will be happy to answer your enquiry.

Booking procedure

How to Book: Clients may book a training course either verbally, by email or in writing. All bookings will be agreed in writing as soon as practically possible and normally within 24 hours of receiving the booking. The confirmed booking (either by e mail acknowledgement or agreed purchase order) will act as the training agreement.

Deposits: Where the client books a course at short notice (7 days or less) full payment is required which will be non-refundable – see cancellation procedures.

Venue: Courses are normally conducted in the client’s premises or at a venue supplied by C&G Services. Where the training is conducted in the client’s premises a suitable area and room with an electricity supply will be required.

Candidates Numbers: The maximum number of candidates on each course is depending on the subject being taught.


It is the policy of C&G Services that cancellation costs will be charged if a course is cancelled/postponed within 21 days of the course start date. Charges may be waivered in exceptional circumstances providing C&G Services and the client have mutually agreed. Substitute candidates may be accepted in certain circumstances. We reserve the right to rearrange courses, dates, contents & locations in circumstances outside of our control.

Procedure: Cancellation/Postponement of a course or training materials will be made either in writing or electronically.

Refund policy:

  • 21 days or more in advance: 100%      
  • 8 to 21 days in advance:       50%
  • 0-7 days in advance:          0%              

Test fees, registration fees and other non-cancellable resources are non-refundable

Cost and payment procedure

Course Costs: Course costs will be displayed on the training agreement and on the invoice

Payment Method/Terms: The client will pay the course costs shown on the invoice by cash; cheque to C&G Services or alternatively by BACS to the bank account as displayed on the invoice. The invoice together with the Joining Instructions will collectively form the contract between the client and C&G Services. Full payment will be required up to 21 days prior to training taking place, unless the client has an account status as agreed with C&G Services when payment will be required within 28 days of the invoice date.

Conduct and standards

Behaviour: C&G Services shall conduct themselves throughout the training process in a professional, polite and courteous manner abiding by the codes of conduct, ethical standards and recognised best practice set down and as expected for training organisations.

Dress code: C&G Services’ trainers will dress appropriately to the subject being taught. This may vary from smart business type clothing to casual dress where subjects such as first aid and manual handling are being taught. If a client has a specific dress requirement for a trainer to adhere to they are to inform C&G Services 7 days prior to the start of the training.

Standards: C&G Services are accredited to BS EN ISO9001:2015 and a multitude of third party industry bodies and maintains high standards with regard to the delivery and contents of training and the quality of training materials. In order to achieve this C&G Services ensures its trainers are qualified and up to date in the subjects they teach. C&G Services also operate an end of course evaluation form completed by each candidate which asks for the candidates opinions on the course. If clients would like copies of the evaluation forms or would like to supply their own evaluation form, they are to liaise with C&G Services to make suitable arrangements.

Insurances: C&G Services will maintain levels of insurance in accordance with their business operations and regulatory and industry requirements.

Security: C&G Services will take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of all premises visited is maintained and that upon completion of the training that all keys are returned promptly and that all areas are left secure. 

Clients policies and procedures: C&G Services will follow and abide by all reasonable policies and procedure that are laid down by the client. Such policies and procedures that are typically followed include: Fire Procedures, Infection Control, Security, Confidentiality and Health and Safety. If a client wishes C&G Services to follow a specific policy or procedure they are to make available the information prior to the start of the training.

Equal opportunities: C&G Services operates an equal opportunities policy to ensure that individuals are treated fairly and is therefore committed to promoting equal opportunity. By implementing this policy we are seeking to ensure all forms of unfair discrimination are eliminated. If any individual or client feels that C&G Services has been unfair and has not demonstrated equal opportunity they are able to complain using the complaints procedure.

Complaints procedure: C&G Services operates a ‘Complaints Procedure’ in accordance with normal business practices and where appropriate with an Accredited Scheme. This procedure is available in full on request from [email protected]

Indemnity: The Supplier shall indemnify and hold C&G harmless from all claims and all direct costs, proceedings, damages and expenses (including legal and other professional fees and expenses) awarded against, or reasonably incurred or paid by, C&G as a result of or in connection with:

  • Any alleged or actual infringement of any third party’s intellectual property rights arising out of the supply of the Services, Deliverables or any products or materials supplied by the Supplier; or
  • Any claim made against C&G in respect of any liability, loss, damage, injury, cost or expense sustained by C&G’s employees or agents or by any C&G Client or Delegate to the extent that such liability, loss, damage, injury, cost or expense was caused by, relates to or arises from the provision of the Services as a consequence of a direct breach or negligent performance or failure or delay in performance of these Terms and Conditions by the Supplier.
  • The Suppler shall maintain in force with a reputable insurance company such insurances as are appropriate having regard to its obligations and liabilities under these Terms and Conditions, including without limitation professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance, in an amount sufficient to cover its liabilities under these Terms and Conditions and shall, on C&G’s request, produce both the insurance certificate giving details of cover and receipt for the current year’s premium.
  • The Supplier shall remain primarily obligated and liable to C&G for ensuring that Supplier’s Team and all other sub-contractors, sub-licensees and any other such third parties comply with the relevant provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  • The provisions of this clause shall survive termination of these Terms and Conditions.