Pressure Water Jetting

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This practical training course is designed for personnel who are required to use water jetting equipment for sewer jetting and cleaning operations.


To equip candidates with the practical and technical knowledge to set and effectively operate Water Jetting Equipment, in accordance with the Code of Practice, accepted by the Water Jetting Industry. As a result of attending this training course candidates should have a good understanding of the key awareness points for the safe operation of Water Jetting Equipment.


  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Theory of water jetting operations
  • Pump/equipment rating and sources of information
  • Water Jetting Association (WJA) codes of practice
  • Awareness of the hazards and risks associated to water jetting operations
  • Measures for maximising and controlling safety in the working area
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Accident and disease awareness
  • Equipment definitions and terminology
  • Pre-use inspection of jetting unit, hoses and ancillary equipment
  • Water supply and filter maintenance
  • Initial set up and point of work risk assessment
  • Establishing effective communication between team members
  • Drain/sewer cleaning techniques and specific equipment
  • 3 meter marking of jetting hose and safe working practice (Function of leader hose)
  • Safety during jetting operations
  • Shutdown procedures
  • Frost protection and wind chill consideration