ADR Initial (Transporting Dangerous Goods)

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Duration:3-5 days

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Duration: 3-5 days
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All drivers within the scope of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (Driver Training) Regulations 1996 must be trained and hold a Vocational Training Certificate issued by DVLA. This is required by UK regulations implementing the relevant EU directive. There is no required pre-qualification, anyone with a full UK driving licence may attend. In order to obtain your Vocational Training Certificate (VTC) you must attain the following minimum qualification: CORE + PACKAGES or TANKS + at least ONE HAZARD CLASS


The main aim of this course is to provide the candidate with knowledge of the hazards and legal requirements for the carriage of prescribed dangerous goods.


Successful candidates will demonstrate a good understanding of the hazards associated with the transportation of dangerous goods by road transport. Successful candidates will receive Scottish Qualification Authority certification.


ADR Modules

There are 9 classes of ADR dangerous goods and they are
  • Class 2 – Gases
  • Class 3 – Liquids
  • Class 4 – Solids
  • Class 5 – Oxidising Agents
  • Class 6 – Toxic & Infectious Substances
  • Class 8 – Corrosives
  • Class 9 – Miscellaneous

We cannot deliver Class 1 – Explosive or Class 7 Radioactive

Additional Information

Remember also that both initial and refresher ADR courses may be counted toward your 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training – a maximum of 21 hours of the initial course and 7 hours of the refresher course can be used.

* Refresher courses can only be taken by candidates who have held a certificate for a minimum of four years and with no less than FIVE WEEKS until expiry – don’t leave it too late. Any remaining time will be added to your next certificate. Candidates may only receive training on the modules covered by an existing certificate, you cannot add to them on a Refresher course.