DCPC Drivers hours and Tacho Awareness, and Rules of the road

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Address:201 The Waterfront, Stonehouse Business Park, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3UT

Duration:1 day

Timings:08:30:00 - 16:30:00

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Price: £86.50 + VAT
Duration: 1 day
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The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) is a qualification for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers. It has been introduced across Europe with the professed aim of improving road safety and helping to maintain high standards of driving. Professional drivers must do 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to keep your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence ( CPC ) to drive a lorry, bus or coach.


To ensure that candidates are provided with the knowledge needed as professional drivers to continue to perform their duties safely.


Candidates will take part in theoretical training and discussions relating to Rules and Regulations affecting professional drivers and Safety and Security.


Welcome & Introduction to course including aims of courses:
Driver CPC fair processing notice
Drivers hours and tacho awareness
Driver’s Hours Rules

• EU Drivers Hours, Breaks, Driving time, Rest requirements, Emergencies, GB Domestic Regulations, Driving time, Duty time and Record keeping, Working Time Regulations, Breaks, Working time limits and Record keeping
• Using recording equipment, about digital tacho units, Digital tacho cards, Logging in, Manual entries, Logging out, Menu options, Logging out
• Using recording equipment, Making printouts, Printout information, Pictograms, infringements
Operational Guidance
• Issues, faults, penalties, driver Requirements, operator Requirements
Rules of the Road
• Speed limits: Limits by vehicle and road, Speed limiters, Dangers of speeding, Penalties
• General rules: Moving off, View of the road, Overtaking, Junctions & box junctions
• Mobile phones: Legal requirements, Case study examples and dangers, Penalties
• Sat navs: Issues that may occur, Safe use of equipment
• Bridge strikes: Vehicle markings, Bridge signs, Avoiding bridge strikes
Documentation to be carried
• Driving licence, Information on a licence, Tachographs (digital & ana-logue), Driver qualification card, Defect report
Highway Code & Personal Safety
• Basic Highway Code Rules, road signs, breakdowns and emergencies, procedures, safety tips
Traffic Accident Procedure
• Actions to be taken, drivers responsibilities, reporting and recording of accidents
Security & Crime Prevention
• Crime Risks, security Tips