Compressed Air Tools

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Duration:1 day

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This practical training course has been designed for new starters or inexperienced operatives who are required to safely operate hand held compressed air tools in the normal course of their work.


To develop the candidate’s practical skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently operate air driven tools in the workplace. (Pneumatic Breakers, Drills and Chisels) On completion of this training course, candidates will have gained a good understanding of the hazards associated with compressed air tools, and be able to demonstrate the correct and efficient use of air power tools in the workplace.


  • The application of MindSafety
  • General compressed air safety
  • Identification of the tools and equipment used within distribution
  • Terminology and pressure rating associated to compressed air tools and equipment
  • Sources of information pertaining to safe operation
  • Understand the principles of air compression and component parts
  • Understand the hazards & risks associated to compressed air tools and air lines
  • Hand arm vibration awareness and control measures
  • Noise suppression methods for hand held air tools
  • Pre-use inspection of portable air compressor unit
  • Safe starting and shutdown procedures for mobile compressors
  • Pressure gauges and rating of tools
  • Checking compressed air equipment (Hoses, inline filters and couplings)
  • Inspection and maintenance i.e. Breaker, drills, and ratchets
  • Pre-use inspection of ancillary equipment’s i.e. Breaker steels, cutting wheels
  • Practical use of air powered tools including hose restraints systems
  • Techniques for safe and effective operation of a range of compressed air tools within distribution operations
  • Depressurising of stored energy within air lines and tools
  • Correct storage of tools and air lines