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This training course is designed to introduce personnel to the hazards and risks posed by fires within the place of work.


To enable delegates to understand how fires start and the actions required in the event of a fire. On completion of this training course, delegates will be able to understand the hazards and precautions related to industrial fires, and what action to take in the event of a fire.


  • Understand how fires start and spread in the workplace
  • Understanding the combustion triangle
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Site owners
    • Line Managers
    • Fire Co-ordinator (nominated competent person)
    • Fire Marshals
  • Levels of risk assessment:
    • Manned Workplaces and other high risk areas (walkthrough areas)
    • All other workplaces, such as unmanned sites
  • Awareness of site specific fire hazards eg: methane gas, fuels and gas cylinders
  • Training requirements
  • Methods of fire detention
  • Identify the methods of extinguishing fires
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Maintenance of firefighting equipment
  • Emergency routes and exits
  • Understanding the risk to personal safety
  • Practical use of fire extinguishers
  • Apply fire prevention methods
  • Understand and apply fire evacuation procedures in the event of outbreak of fire