Water Safety Training

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Address:201 The Waterfront, Stonehouse Business Park, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3UT

Duration:1 day

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Duration: 1 day
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This training course is designed for personnel who work over or in the vicinity of inland water sources.


To give candidates the necessary knowledge to work safely over or in the vicinity of inland water sources. On completion of this training course candidates will have an understanding of safe working methods and the use of specific safety equipment enabling them to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency.


  • Duties & responsibilities
  • Hazard and risk identification
  • Specific hazards associated with falling into water
  • Awareness of disease associated to water sources
  • Gaining assistance and planning for emergencies
  • Establishing effective communication
  • Understanding the effects of adverse weather
Prevention of falls
  • Scaffolds and Platforms
  • Safety Net
  • Safety Harnesses
Rescue Equipment and Procedures, and PPE
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Life Jackets
  • Rescue Lines
  • Equipment inspection, maintenance and record keeping
  • Storage of equipment