Forward Tipping Dumper Training

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Address:201 The Waterfront, Stonehouse Business Park, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3UT

Duration:1 – 2 Days depending on previous experience

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Duration: 1 – 2 Days depending on previous experience
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This training course is designed to develop operators’ skills and knowledge to operate forward tipping dumpers safely. This course can be run from novice through to refresher.


Can be delivered as an assessment, refresher or novice level and under 4 different award schemes.


The course content will include

• Duties and responsibilities of the dumper driver, application of MindSafety
• Identifying dumper type and operating parameters
• Safety locks and supports
• General dumper safety and good operator practice
• Identify, describe, and explain the principle components of the dumper and their function.
• Carry out pre-use, weekly and monthly operational checks.
• Understand the features affecting stability of the dumper (loaded and unloaded conditions)
• Basic moving off, stopping and gear changing exercise
• Safely operate the machine over all types of terrain with and without loads.
• Position the dumper correctly to receive loads
• Understand the safe loading and safe capacity of the for-ward tipping dumper.
• Be able to assess the weight of loads handled.
• Safe tipping procedures
• Use of stop blocks and edge protection measures
• Parking and isolation

Training can be delivered under the following accreditations
  • C&G Services (Europe) Ltd – BS EN ISO 9001
  • CPCS – Code A09 (Forward Tipping Dumper)
  • LANTRA – Code LAA0903 (Forward Tipping Dumper)
  • NPORS – N204 (Forward Tipping Dumper)