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Duration:1-3 days

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Duration: 1-3 days
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This training course has been designed for operatives with little or no experience who in their course of work are required to operate a lorry loader. Candidates should hold the correct entitlement on their driving license before taking the vehicle on the public highway.


To inform operators of the legal requirements and administer a practical test for operators without previous experience. The course can be delivered as a refresher or novice level and under a number of awarding bodies. Successful candidates should be able to operate a lorry loader safely and correctly in accordance with the Code of Practice and associated British standards.


The course content will include: All aspects of safety, including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; Stability; Ground conditions; Safe load indicator; Transportation of loads; Operation; Safe use of lifting equipment; Loader capabilities and safety precautions; Basic machine maintenance; Understanding and interpreting duties chart; and The effect of radius change on sage working loads.


Content to include;

• Duties and responsibilities of lorry loader operators
• The application of MindSafety
• Recommended requirements for Lorry loader Operators
• Understanding Lorry loader and grab rating information/duty charts
• Pre-use inspection, date tagging procedure and defect reporting
• Access and egress from work stations
• Lorry loader controls, safety devices and locks
• Setting of Lorry loaders and point of work risk assessment
• Company specific operating procedures for restricted areas
• Safe Working Loads & operation conditions
• Slinger Signaller duties and responsibilities
• Correct use of specific lifting accessories to lift pipes, pipe packs , valves etc.
• Slinging of loads from grab attachment (Lifting eyes/rings)
• Factors affecting vehicle stability during operation
• Hydraulic safety procedures
• Company specific safe tipping procedures (as required)
• Grab operating techniques
• Stowing and traveling of Lorry loader


Training can also be delivered under the following accreditations
  • CPCS